Are you managing your money in a way that improves your life?

We live and breathe this every day and have the expertise, skills and resources required to cut through the noise and provide meaningful advice that helps you make better money decisions. Let us take the worry out of money so you can focus on being you and living your best life!

Here are some of the more common areas of advice and how we can help.

Retirement Planning

When can I retire? How much do I need? How long will my money last? How much risk should I take? How should I invest to make sure my money lasts?

Investment Advice

What do I do with my savings? How much risk should I be taking? What structure should I be investing in? How can I make my money work harder for me?

Personal Insurance

What’s my plan B? What happens to my family and my mortgage if something happens to me?


We can also connect you to other specialist such as accountants, mortgage and general insurance brokers as well as estate planning solicitors. If you already have relationships with existing specialists, then we are more than happy to work in with them as part of your extended team!

Superannuation Advice

Am I in a good fund? What fees am I paying and is there a better option for me? What can I do to grow my balance faster? How should I be investing?

Debt Advice

How should I structure my debt to maximise the tax advantages? Can I take on more investment or lifestyle debt? Should I pay it off quickly or are there better options available? What is good debt vs bad debt?

Cashflow Management

Where does my money go? How can I balance the need to live for today with the responsibility of taking care of tomorrow?


What to expect on your journey with Scout Private Wealth?

Discovery Meeting

This is where we find out all about you. We will do a lot of listening as we uncover what you’re looking for, what your money values are, what keeps you up at night and most importantly – what’s your vision of financial success?

Research Undertaken

We will start to undertake some research into your situation as well as some investigations into suitable products and even some basic modelling of some strategies we may be considering.

Strategy Meeting

Here, we will reconnect with you and present our research for your consideration to make sure we have really heard and understood you. Did we mention there’s still no cost up until here? If you’re happy to proceed, we will charge a fixed fee for the agreed work we do. We’ll provide you with your personal financial roadmap (SOA) which will cover off on all of our advice.

Commitment Meeting

Once we’ve prepared your roadmap, we’ll present our advice in greater detail and show you what your future could look like with all of our strategies put in place.


We’ll take care of implementing all of our advice so you can focus on you. We’ll also connect you to any other specialists that may be needed such as accountants, brokers or estate lawyers.

Monitor, Review & Connect

We are with you every step of the way. We will revisit your strategy and investments and any other part of your roadmap to make sure it remains best of breed for you and your journey.